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window tinting - car rejuvenation

Ph: 9680 3634

Incar Entertainment

Reversing Cameras

Reverse Sensors

A great way to keep the kids quiet and entertained on long trips.  All units include game controllers, infra red headsets, available in a range of sizes, colours and are designed to blend into the vehicles interior.


Available in Head Rests from 7" to 9" screen or Roof mount in size to 9" to 19".

Improve visibility in reverse and ensure safety at all times with a easy to use factory integrated reversing cameras. Installed by qualified technicians ensuring that your vehicles wiring is kept in factory standard condition.

Great way to know exactly how far you are away from objects when reversing with audible reverse sensor technology. This is a safe guard agains not damage to your vehicle but for the safety of others in particular children in driveways.


Installed by professional technicians and colour coded to match factory paint finish on any type of vehicle.

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